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Nearforums - ASP.NET MVC forum engine

Open source SEO friendly ASP.NET MVC forum engine. Developed in ASP.NET MVC, it runs on Apache or IIS Servers.
Visit the nearforums website.

Nearforum project's mission statement is...

To create, a lightweight fast modern forum engine, that will run on both Windows and Linux server infrastructure, with a permissive license (MIT) that allows any contributor (particular or corporate) to extend the base functionality.


  • Navigation in forums, topics and tags
  • Users can sign-in using Facebook / Twitter accounts and/or custom single sign-on with your site.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Rss feeds and short urls
  • Fast quoting
  • Full Web administration
  • SQL Server or MySql database
  • Copy and paste installation
  • Visual html editor (TinyMCE) for posts with XSS prevention
  • Built-in search engine (Lucene.NET)
  • Flexible layout and easy theming
  • Accessible HTML markup and non intrusive javascript
  • Alternate Mobile layout template

...Visit the nearforums website to see more features.
...Or visit the sample site, running nearforums at to see it for yourself!

Install using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer


View forum screenshots

DOWNLOAD the latest release now (installation guide.)

Get involved

If you found any bug/issue, please report it using the Issue tracker or if you have any comment or suggestion use the Codeplex discussion.

If you want to take part in this project, read the Community Guide.


Nearforums is a project of the Outercurve Foundation


Follow the project Founder on Twitter @jorgebg

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