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Nearforums configuration is organized in 5 .config files.
  • Web configuration - <... site root...>/web.config: .NET website configuration including connectionstrings.
  • Site configuration - <... site root...>/Config/Site.config: Site general configuration. Contains the following elements:
    • dataAccess: determines dataaccess configuration.
    • ui: User interaface specific configuration.
      • template: Used to determine the site template usage.
    • spamPrevention:
    • authenticationProviders: Determines which providers are used to login in the forums site (local, Facebook, Twitter, OpenId, ...).
    • replacements: Message and topics body replacement (like smilies/ youtube videos / ...).
    • notifications: Contains the configuration for email notifications.
      • subscription: Determines the configuration of the subscription to threads via email. Leave empty or hide if you don't want to allow users subscribe to threads to receive new post via email.
  • Routes configuration - <... site root...>/Config/Routes.config: Routes configuration used by the application to determine the url for a certain action.
  • Redirector configuration - <... site root...>/Config/Redirector.config: Redirector configuration used by the Redirector HttpModule to determine which urls should be redirected. More information at the codeproject article
  • Logging configuration - <... site root...>/Config/Logging.config: Logging configuration used by the n-log component to log errors, more info.

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