Introduction to Nearforums templates

A template controls the overall look and layout of a site. There are 3 templates supplied with the default installation of Nearforums.

  • Clear-table: Table-like layout, it replicates the typical look and feel of a forum.
  • Clear-list: List layout. 
  • GreySand: Template used in the sample forums.
  • Sample: A simple template to export, modify and extend.

To create a custom Nearforums template, follow these instructions:

  • Export the sample template (included in the default templates).
  • Unpack the downloaded zip file.
  • Following the guidelines of the template file format below, edit the template.html file and the style sheets. If needed, add additional files to the template-contents folder.
  • Compress the all the files in a zip file. Use only word characters (a to z, 0 to 9) and hyphen (- minus) in the file name.
  • Upload the template.

It is recommended to preview the template before activate it.

Templates file format

Compressed zip file with the following allowed files and folders.

  • template.html: UTF-8 html template file. The html file must contain the following place holders: {-headcontainer-} and {-bodycontainer-}.
    Please maintain the footer links to the Nearforums website.
  • screenshot.png: image to visually identify the template. Used in the template list.
  • license.txt: required if you want to distribute your template package.
  • template-contents: folder that contains any css, png, jpg or gif files.
    • picture1.png
    • icon.png
    • picture2.jpg
    • styles.css
    • ...etc...

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