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Frequently asked questions

What is the easiest way to integrate Nearforums with my ASP.NET MVC website

If you are using IIS, the easiest way would be to run Nearforums on an IIS subapplication, like yoursite/forums/, in that way you can benefit from the existing functionality without caring about the code. After you set up the site on a subapp, you can authenticate your existing "mainsite" users into a Nearforums using different techniques detailed on the documentation.

How to authenticate users from my mainsite into into a Nearforums site (subdomain or a subapplication)

There are 3 methods to authenticate users from an existing repository or database into a Nearforums site.

When using the same ASP.NET Membership provider on my main site and nearforums site, how can I make the user logging automatically on both sites (Single sign-on)

To share the Form authentication ticket (cookie) between 2 ASP.NET applications you should use the same machineKey (configured at web.config level).

How can I disable the Captcha for posts

You can determine the amount of time between posts in the Site configuration (/Config/Site.config). To do so, edit the value of the attribute site/spamPrevention/@timeToRepost,  expressed in minutes, if you set it to 0, it will not show it at all.

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